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How IoT Technology And Strategy Can Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the biggest problems facing the world is our ever-increasing energy consumption.

Energy SavingThis has a tremendously negative effect on the environment, as the generation of energy is still primarily done through means that cause significant amounts of pollution, such as burning coal.

As a result, numerous efforts have been undertaken across the world to find ways to reduce power usage.


IoT as a solution

IoT brings big opportunities to businesses – not only for helping these entities financially, but also in dealing with important ecological and social issues.

Key to its ability to help with the reduction of energy consumption is how IoT provides consistent tracking of data, including how power is being used by entities.

South African IoT company, IoT.nxt, has proven how this can successfully reduce power usage through a project it has run in the United States.

Minimise USA

IoT.nxt has partnered with MinimiseUSA on a project that has reduced energy consumption at Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida, USA.

The project has not only saved capital on minimizing energy usage, but also through reducing the maintenance that is required for light replacements and services; this is estimated to be around $335,236 per annum for Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida.

As of April 2019, the project’s installation of new LED lights was saving schools, across Florida, $335,236 per annum.

The School District was given a cheque for $1,728,923 in prepaid savings, as result of 15,574MWh predicted savings – a great step towards protecting the environment.

In fact, 15,574 MWh is such a big saving that you could use it to power over 14 thousand family households for an entire year.

In May and beyond, MinimiseUSA and IoT.nxt have continued to use the data attained from implementing this system to refine the smart scheduling of various electronic devices at these schools.

Concerns around energy in South Africa

South Africa’s energy problems are incredibly well-documented.

We have suffered regular load-shedding due to Eskom’s struggles to keep up with electricity demands.

Eskom has also had to drastically increase the price of electricity in a bid to pay back a portion of its large debt.

As a result, solutions such as the one implemented by IoT.nxt in Florida could be instrumental in saving South African businesses money through reduced energy usage, while simultaneously saving the environment.

IoT.nxt is a leading South African IoT company that is capable of helping businesses across industries, systems, and processes.

They are partnered with a variety of reputable tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Deloitte, Dell, Fujitsu and HP Enterprise.

Through IoT.nxt’s technologies, businesses can develop a digital overview of their organization – including both their new and old technologies – to draw insight into how their connected devices are operating.

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