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Cargo Crankshaft Rebuilding

Cargo Crankshaft Rebuilding
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Office (+)

Main Reef Road Primrose 21 1401, South Africa

+27 (0)11 873 6685
+27 (0)11 873-6685

Cargo Crankshaft Rebuilding

General info

• Our Cemb ZE II balancing machine used for  initial & residual unbalance.

• Straightening of all steel & cast-iron shafts.

• Rebuilding of any steel or cast-iron shafts (crank, rotor, pump etc)

• Rebuilding of any nose-end and cut keyways.

• Ultra violet magnetic particle crack detection.

• ADE 400 Series Camgears Re-timed to ADE Spec.

• Camshaft Reprofiling for standard & performance applications. (Commercial & Passenger)

• Buying & selling of commercial and passenger crankshafts.