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Our retreading plant is located in Robertville and run by highly skilled technicians who ensure production of quality retreads. We specialise in repair and retreading services as well as the supply of retreaded tyres that cater to various needs and requirements. Since 2008 we have been a customer-driven enterprise which is committed to honesty, integrity, excellence and end-user satisfaction. The focus is on getting you high-grade products and efficient service at an affordable rate.

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3G Tyres meets the ever-growing demands of our discerning clients, thanks to the stringent quality control measures and our research and development efforts. We strive to produce precision rubber products that feature the highest possible specifications. The focus is on a consistent manufacturing process, backed by the continuous technological upgrade.

Quality control is an ongoing practice as manufacturing processes and quality control measures are synchronised at every stage. Excellent process controls and full proof quality monitoring systems ensure total perfection. This starts with the careful selection of raw materials and finishing with stringent testing and inspection of finished products. Our research and development experts also provide support and assistance to our valued clients as and when required. Since meticulous quality control is the most vital factor for our sustained success, those involved in the production process receive thorough training that effectively empowers them to implement and improve quality standards. These standards are reviewed and upgraded regularly and each procedure is backed by intelligent concepts and requisite instrumentation.

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