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Catech Tambani provide a wide range of services in the repair and manufacturing of equipment for all mining machines, carried out to OEM standards.

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Catech Tambani Engineering Specialists has over 30 years’ experience in mining and heavy engineering. We are passionate about helping our customers to minimise downtime and meet their deadlines. We provide a wide range of services in the repair and manufacturing of equipment for all mining machines, which are carried out to OEM standards. Since our company’s inception, we have experienced steady growth by adopting a culture of integrity and focus on customer service. This customer centric focus along with our willingness to diversify led our business to establish itself proudly as a level 2 BEE certified company.

Through these efforts, we have established relationships across Africa with additional support services and higher standards of compliance. We currently run our 8,000m 2 premises comprising of 5 specialised workshops, each dedicated to the completion of individual components allowing us to optimise our production line. We operate with 8 cranes, ranging in size from 10 to 25 tons, with up to a 100 ton lifting capacity.

With our vast experience and understanding of the mining sector, we are equipped and focused on meeting our customers’ demands for high standards of service delivery, quality and cost-effectiveness. In our tyre handler division, we pride ourselves on the fact that we currently manufacture and repair the largest, 360-degree rotational, fully hydraulic tyre handlers in the world.

At present, we are concentrating on expanding our African footprint. We not only offer our products and services countrywide within South Africa but also to our neighbouring African countries.
No undertaking is too big or too small for us and we guarantee the same precision, quality and attention to detail for each individual project and customer.

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