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ESP is the largest multi-brand supplier of replacement spare parts for earthmoving and mining equipment in South Africa.

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Brands such as: Berco, ITM, KBJ, CF, PE, MTG, Futura, ESCO, ETE, SHARK, Metisa, TGW, Bulldog, Miba, KMP, Interstate McBee, World Gasket, CGR, OFM, Modena Parts, Luberfiner, Fram and many other popular brands.

ESP offers a complete range of Ground Engaging Tools for most makes of Earth moving & Mining Equipment.

These include the following parts:

• Bucket Teeth 
• Bucket Adapters 
• Corner Adapters 
• Straddle Adapters 
• Weld on Adapters 
• Bolt on Adapters 
• Bucket Blades 
• Half Arrow Blades 
• Bucket Shrouds 
• Cutting Edges 
• End Bits 
• Router Bits 
• Grader Blades 
• Overlay End Bits 
• Underlay End Bits 
• Heel Shrouds 
• Bucket Protectors 
• Chocky Bars 
• Wear Buttons 
• Wear Bars 
• Wear Blocks 
• Wear Runners 
• General Purpose Bucket Lip Systems.

A broad range of KMP brand engine parts and other popular brands that are suitable for Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu and Detroit engines are available. 

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