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GoIndustry DoveBid is a leading provider of asset management services globally. If surplus or idle assets are no longer needed, we provide expert advice with regard to value, asset management solutions to assist you in redeployment and, if not, offer a range of sale solutions, whether by auction or negotiation, to maximize the cash return.

With offices in 17 countries and extensive experience meeting the needs of manufacturing and service-based clientele including many large, multinationals, we apply our unique industrial knowledge and professionalism to provide timely, accurate, evidence-based advice.

Our global footprint puts us where you need us and allows us to identify changes in industrial trends.

We support our global client base with in-depth asset and market knowledge across all industrial sectors and equipment markets, including aerospace, automotive, transportation, energy, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, research & development, food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, construction & mining, electronics, inventory, raw materials & scrap.

Our clients are able to strategically manage investment recovery for their surplus or under-utilized assets through the combination of our asset valuation and appraisal services; web-based surplus asset management platform AssetZone ®; unparalleled scale and scope of our online marketplace for surplus assets across hundreds of asset categories; and value-added services including complete transaction management, risk mitigation & compliance programs, transparent reporting, and “green” recycling & e-waste solutions.

Our consistent execution has enabled Liquidity Services to become the trusted provider of choice in our industry with unparalleled industry expertise powered by:

  • More than 6,800 clients, including Fortune 1000 retailers, manufacturers and government agencies
  • Completion of more than $4.4 Billion in Gross Merchandise Volume
  • Over 3.9 million completed transactions across 500 asset categories
  • Leading industry vertical sales channels with more than 2.5 million buyers
  • Offices in locations across North America, Europe, Asia & Africa

Clients benefit from this knowledge with up-to-date market-leading advice and our rich data, covering millions of asset sales and valuations around the world. This includes evidence-based, real-time, accurate valuations and improved investment recovery planning, asset marketing programs and much more.

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