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The Company started under it’s present set up, that of a Close Corporation, on 1 May 1997, when
the Van Der Bank Family decided to combine their passion of working within the Motor Industry of
South-Africa with that of overhauling Gearboxes.

Hans Van Der Bank a motor mechanic of great note, together with his son , Anthony, who has
followed in his father’s foot steps, run and manage the workshop, while Aletta Van Der Bank, Han’s
wife,is the Founding Member of the Close Corporation. She takes charge of the admin/accounting
side of the Company,assisted by daughters, Jackie and Chantelle.

From its humble beginnings as a small family business, PK Bus and Truck has grown into the focused
dynamic business that it is – Today! Driven by passion and the fact that nothing is left to chance, the
Company currently employs 27 (twenty seven) staff overall today.

The Company runs on the ethos of, only the highest standards are acceptable, while every attention
to the smallest detail is critical in everything they do. After all if the Gearbox is not right and running
to maximum efficiency in whatever vehicle – that vehicle will fail! Therefore key to every Gearbox that
comes out of their workshop today – is that it is correct and adheres to the motto of the company,
which is:

“We do it right – first time round”

This attention to the very smallest detail and addressing our clients exact needs, is what PK Bus and Truck strive for – which has also seen the Company grow to what it is today.

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