Month: Sep 2019

Here’s How We Can Use Agriculture To Fight Climate Change

2019 will go down in history as the most difficult planting season for North American farmers, with over 10 million acres of crops going unplanted due to extreme weather conditions. At the same time, farmers in Punjab, in India, are experiencing rain showers almost every month and, for the first time in its history, more humid air is leading to greater pest infestations.

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AFC “Proud To Support Nigeria’s Mining Industry”

Exclusive interview with Begna Gebreyes, Senior Vice President: Investments at the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC). At the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week, Mr Gebreyes is part of a panel discussion on “Understanding the needs of financial institutions and funding organizations-the financial models available to support mining projects”.

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Mascor – 2019 Berg Show

Mascor is super-excited to have won three trophies at this year’s Royal Show, the first time we’ve ever achieved this, as well as a Gold Medallion Award for Display.

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