Month: Oct 2019

Castrol In It For The Long Haul

South Africa, October 2019: Fierce competition in the trucking industry coupled to commercial vehicle operators having to face a multitude of challenges, including rising fuel prices, congested roads and escalating operating costs, mean transport and logistics businesses need to operate at ultimate efficiency. Castrol is fully committed to assisting its trucking customers maximise profit.

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GMG Launches Initiatives On Cybersecurity, Electric Mines

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG), a Canada- based network of representatives from mining companies, OEMs, OTMs, research organizations, consultants and regulators that counts the world’s biggest miners among its members, has announced the launch of two new working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine, with the goal of creating safe and sustainable mines of the future.

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How Urban Agriculture Can Contribute To Food Security

Urban agriculture has a major role to play in providing healthy, affordable and accessible food to poor urban households in South Africa, according to Prof Juaneé Cilliers, chair of the Urban and Regional Planning Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management at North-West University.

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