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Blumaq Delivers Solutions For Construction And Mining Equipment

Blumaq is a company dedicated to the supply of spare parts and maintenance products for public works and earthworks machinery

quality-guarantee-berco-blumaqBlumaq was the first and only national company to offer the customer a complete and global alternative to the original product with its own brand (filters, pumps, transmission, brakes, etc.) and under quality-price premises. The brand is recognised in more than 91 countries.

The company offers its customers the best possible service in the replacement parts industry with more than 90,000 part numbers in stock.

Berco quality undercarriage parts and repairs

Blumaq is an authorised distributor of the Berco brand in Spain, Turkey, Zambia and South Africa. The company’s serviced track undercarriage workshops offer a full service including turning pins and bushes/re-stripping grouser shoes/track link repairs/idler and roller rebuilds/track frame rebuilds.

In order to guarantee premium long-lasting products, Berco dedicates great efforts to the development of new materials and the adjustment of heat treatment processes. These processes ensure high-quality products with excellent wear resistance in every condition and operation.

Blumaq is committed to the alliance with the German brand for all these reliability and quality specifications, thus offering all customers the quality for earth moving equipment in the undercarriage systems.

Alternative spare parts for Caterpillar

Blumaq has established itself as the world’s largest provider of Caterpillar spare parts for public works and earthmoving machinery. With more than three million pieces delivered annually and more than ninety thousand references in stock.

An extensive aftermarket spare parts stock in its facilities all around the world positions Blumaq as the best option for immediate service.

Blumaq can supply any spare part a machine has from marine engines or parts for older tractors, regardless of brand or type of machine. It can cover almost 90 per cent of the parts of most Caterpillar machines.

Alternative spare parts for Volvo

Blumaq offers replacement parts for construction and mining equipment for Volvo application spare parts. Its wide range of replacement parts for Volvo application places Blumaq as the best market option for spare parts.

The company delivers replacement parts for Volvo application spare part in less than 24 hours across Europe and in less than 48 hours around the world.

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