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Equipping Young Leaders In Agriculture To Lead

The Syngenta Leadership Academy is aimed at empowering a new generation of leaders in agriculture.

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In March this year, Syngenta launched its 8th annual business leadership programme in partnership with the North-West University Business School and Grain SA.

The programme, which was initially limited to participants in the grains industry, has been re-branded as the Leadership Academy. For the past seven years, the programme has successfully hosted about 150 young commercial farmers.

The 2020 programme comprises of candidates from the sugar, feedlot, forestry, livestock, agrochemical and seed, equipment, horticulture and agronomy industries, amongst others. Candidates must be involved in the agri value chain, or must be involved in primary or organised agriculture.

They must be between the ages of 25 and 40. A maximum of 28 students per group is accepted and the intake is dependent on the quality of submissions. The aim is to run four programmes throughout the year. Candidates are taken through a five-day training programme.

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