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We Specialize in Pins, Bushes, Pistons, Trough Idlers, Moil Points and Hydraulic Hammers for Mining Equipment, Conveyor Structures and Excavators.

Conveyor Structures

Conveyor Structures are mechanical devices or assemblies that transport material with minimal effort. While there are many different kinds of conveyor systems, they usually consist of a frame that supports either rollers, wheels, or a belt, upon which materials move from one place to another. They may be powered by a motor, by gravity, or manually. These material handling systems come in many different varieties to suit the different products or materials that need to be transported.

Trough Idlers

Troughing idlers are found on the carrying-side, along the length of the conveyor. On any particular conveyor these idlers are identical, as are the bases.

The troughing idlers comprise a centre idler roll of a defined width, and ‘wing’ idlers on either side of the centre roll.

Unlike the centre, horizontal roll, the wing idlers are cranked up to an angle known as the troughing angle.

This troughing angle ensures that the carrying belt maintains the same cross-sectional area throughout the carrying strand, so that the load-bearing capacity of a particular conveyor belt is the same along the conveyors’ full length. In so doing, material loaded to the maximum capacity at the loading point will not fall off of the belt en-route.

Africa Express Engineering (Pty)Ltd is a BEE Level 4 Contributor with 100% Procurement as an EME.

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Tags: Pins, Bushes, Pistons, Through Idlers and Conveyor Belt Structures, Moil Points and Hydraulic Hammers for Mining Equipment, Conveyor Structures and Excavators.

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