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Auto Source Is Your Alternative Parts Solution – Used. Tested. Guaranteed.

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Auto Source (Pty) Ltd is managed and directed by the Managing Director whom is Ms Tanya Lawrenson (appointed 29/09/2016 – present). We are a used engine parts specialist company providing clients with alternative parts solutions. We specialize in providing alternative parts solutions for all types of engines. That includes but may not be limited to agricultural equipment, trucks and busses, passenger vehicles, earthmoving equipment, mining equipment and construction equipment.

We mainly focus on sourcing and supplying good used, tested and guaranteed parts. We are changing the industry one day at a time to cultivate a culture where reliable products are given as an alternative option to what is currently dominating the automotive industry.

Our main focus is on diesel engines and components thereof. When dealing with gearboxes and differentials we will always use reputable and trusted suppliers who always guarantee their work as per the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 as well as the Second-Hand Goods At No. 6 of 2009.

We do not compete with stock carrying facilities to be the cheapest, we compete to be the most reliable and efficient. We compete to be the most ethical in a world where service delivery is taken for granted and no longer exists along with the fundamental differences that govern this industry.

We do what is considered impossible, every day.

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