Bru-Force prides itself that we are able to recondition a Cat 994 Fan within 5 hours.
We supply a one day service, 24/7.

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The Company Fan Africa cc Trading as: Bru-Force (Fan Africa) commenced in 1994. The aim of our company is to minimize cost and breakdown-time on Cooling Fans and on all makes of Earth Moving Units, Compressors, and Drill Rigs, in fact the whole range where Cooling Fans are concerned.

We have many testimonies from clients regarding not only our excellent service but also our quality products we produce being either repaired/reconditioned fans to newly manufactured fans.

Contact us for your fan needs, we won’t disappoint.

Our fans will blow you away!


Repair & remanufacturing of existing fans and systems
Condition monitoring


Cutting Machines
Hi-definition plasma cutting machines
Press brakes and rolling machine
Coded welding

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