Excavation Equipment Spares

Excavation Equipment Spares

Excavation Equipment Spares – We Supply ground engaging tools and deliver to your site 6 days a week.

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We supply ground engaging tools 6 days a week.

  • Tips & Adapters
  • Custom/Standard Cutting Edges
  • Grader Blades
  • Half Arrows
  • Undercarriage, Links, Shoes etc
  • Pins, Retainers, Bolts & Nuts
  • All Other G.E.T Parts

Supplier of Ground engaging tools to Mining and Earthmoving Industries Suppliers of Steel and cutting edges. The steel used in the production of our wear protection material provides a special combination of hardness, flexibility and wear resistance.

Protect expensive machine components, reduce operating costs, and get the most out of your machine’s performance. The most important part of any machine is its work tool, and ground engaging tools have a direct effect on your machine. Proper selection affects your productivity, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and possibly the longevity of your equipment.

Quality. Reliability. Affordability.

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