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In the real world, few things work as well – as reliably, as efficiently, as productively – as Kenworth trucks.

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Our engineers have always looked for ways to use the latest technology to build efficient trucks that provide transportation solutions to our customers, and that tradition continues today.


In 1923 the company becomes Kenworth after the two principal stakeholders, Harry Kent and Edgar Worthinton. Headquarters are established in Seattle.


In 1924 the company sells 80 trucks. The next year production nears two trucks per week. Customization becomes the Kenworth hallmark.


Harry Kent becomes President and steady growth leads to opening of a new factory in Seattle.


Pacific Car and Foundry buys Kenworth. Paul Pigott strikes a deal with the owners and Kenworth becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Car and Foundry.


Kenworth is still producing military as well as commercial vehicles. Sugar plantations in Hawaii become large customers. In 1946 a new Seattle factory is opened and by 1950 foreign sales account for 40 percent of sales.


Kenworth produces the 853 for work in the oil fields of the Middle East and the 801 for earth moving in America. In 1955 the radical cab-beside-engine design is launched and becomes an instant hit.


The 900 series is introduced and a fleet successfully transports 3,000 tons of equipment and supplies to the northern Yukon for oil exploration.


1957 – 2011



Kenworth has designed an outstanding truck that takes the company’s long tradition of superior aerodynamics to a new level of achievement. The T680 is designed to smoothly slice through the air, setting an industry standard for aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

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