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Pro Oil SA has one of the widest ranges of lubrication products on the market, with one difference: every oil has been developed with Superior Lubrication as our guideline.

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PRO OIL SA are a proudly South African born and bred lubrication engineering and wear protection solutions company. We are best known for our finest quality Automotive, Industrial, Mining and Marine lubricants.

Pro Oil SA are Industry leaders and innovators of the finest quality wear protection in all types of machinery ranging from small gensets, auxiliary and industrial equipment, to the very heaviest transport, construction, marine and mining engines and equipment operating in the most arduous conditions.

We offer optimum lubrication solutions to all facets of industry, with the lubrication engineering expertise to develop and custom design wear protection specific to any application. Pro Oil SA have unparalleled interest to quality and detail resulting in asset life extensions far beyond that which could be achieved with conventional lubrication.

Our state of the art blending facilities employ only the finest quality and most advanced equipment in South Africa.  We blend optimum quality lubricants from the finest quality base oils and additive systems, internationally designed, formulated and blended, by the most qualified Petrochemists, Blend Masters and Lubrication Engineers.

We have a footprint throughout South Africa and Africa with delivery outlets in Durban, Gauteng, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Our service excellence, as our very first priority of delivery, employs the use of top transport companies, and overnight couriers, ensuring the very fastest delivery time to almost anywhere in the country within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on a 24/7 delivery and technical back up service to our clients and ensures unrivaled service delivery to the most demanding sectors of business, namely marine and mining, which leaves absolutely no room for error.

No matter what industry you are in we can provide you with the finest quality lubrication product; technically specced and researched, each and every oil is based on the best grade ISO approved base oils, and with the highest quality additives available.

For our complete range, please see our product catalog. If we don’t have what you want, our accredited research centre and blend plant will create your perfect solution. From racing engines to mining & marine motors and everything in-between.

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