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Transmech Engineering CC was established in 2005. Transmech Engineering CC trades as Transmech. The current members are Mr. Sebastian Martegoutte Operations Manager, and Mr. Shaun Fisher Technical Manager. The main branch is located in Westmead, Kwazulu Natal. The company currently has 12 full-time employees and five vehicles on the road.

The company specialises in the repair, maintenance and sales of the following items:

Power Steering Boxes  |  Power Steering  |  Power Steering Pumps  |  Gearboxes  |  Differentials  |  Power Dividers  |  Retarders  |  King Pins  |  Cab Jacks  |  Cab Rams  |  Eaton Clutches  |  Servicing

The company is mainly focused on Truck and Bus applications however we do offer the same services on light commercial and commuter vehicles. We have the correct tooling and intellectual know how to offer services on all the major transport brands such as Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Scania, Hino, VW, Isuzu, Nissan, PowerStar, International , Peter Built, Freight Liner etc. We are experts in all the major brands:  ZF, Fuller, Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Hino, Sheppard, TRW/Ross etc.

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Tags: Power Steering Boxes; Power Steering; Power Steering Pumps; Gearboxes; Differentials; Power Dividers; Retarders; King Pins; Cab Jacks; Cab Rams; Eaton Clutches; Servicing

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