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Transport & Construction has a Broad Publishing Market Footprint that has made us Experts in creating, publishing and disseminating content to engage audiences and successfully Place Buyers and Sellers in Touch, for 25 years.

We Partner innovative and interactive Media Platforms, to consistently create a strong focus, Powerfully Promoting our Clients, across all aligned Industry Landscapes.

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Total Audience p/m

Total Audience Targeting

We ensure our clients maintain elevated brand awareness among a target market most likely to convert into enquiries. We do this by gathering and analyzing data across our website in real time, using In Depth Analytical Calculators.

This allows our clients to target their specific market and increases their benefit from every impression of our cross-platform services.

Total Audience p/m

Mobile Accessibility

Our premium, mobile inclined website audience, experiences delivery of seamless products and services across our diverse platforms to our target audiences.

Weekly Newsletter

We speak directly to our Weekly Subscribed Audience of over 60 000 with rich and engaging Newsletters tailored to align with specific themes and industry related content. With this expansive audience and our custom content, we are able to achieve High Brand Engagement and Successfully Generate Enquiries for our clients.

Weekly Promotional Email

We offer the largest Premium Display Platform Weekly, for Clients Only and the Promoting of their Products and Services, directly to our 60 000+ Subscribers. We deliver maximum campaign performance and create the fastest growing Valuable Impressions and Generated Enquiries.

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Unique Browsers & Page Visits

The great thing about effective analytical monitoring, is that you can roughly see how often people are repeatedly coming to your website and how many visit. In this way we can help our clients, understand how their customers are interacting with our site, and how frequently they are doing so.


Circulation is Direct and Guaranteed in the Construction and Earthmoving, Materials Handling, Road, Truck, Bus and Transport, Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry, Quarries and Councils, Mines and Municipalities Industries, throughout South Africa and Southern Africa.

With a Cape Mail “A” Rated Audit of 98.6 % Correct and PAMSS Certificate, with our Monthly Publications, our Clients Products and Services, are delivered directly to their customers.


Our Readership is based on a Standard Average that a copy of our Publication reaches at least 4 people’s hands once it has been delivered.


Social Media

We offer our clients extended reach in amplifying Brand Awareness by actively engaging with content across all our social platforms, promoting their products and services.

Through the power of social influencers, we spotlight our clients on multiple formats, across all social media platforms. We do this via our Design expertise, round the clock interaction and Paid Ads.

Clients' Personalized Website Page

This is a Dedicated Platform on our No 1 Ranking Google Website. Designed specifically for each client, it encompasses an entire spectrum of their Company’s Products and Services displayed by Rich Image Designs, Descriptions and High SEO Monitoring. This drives traffic 24/7, Directly to their Website and a Sales Enquiry Form.

Digital Edition Views p/a

Digital E-Publication

Monthly E-Pub Mailing to over 60 000 Subscribers, which continues to increase throughout the month, by additional New Enquiries and Subscribers.

The convenience of Digital Substantially Broadens Readership throughout the month.

Online Shop

Your Own Online Shop to sell your Products and Services on our No1 Google Ranking Website and benefiting from our SEO Optimization.

Have Direct interaction with your Buyers and Full Control.

We supply a Password and Username, whereby you can choose and upload any of your Products for Sale, Anytime, in your Own Time and Start Selling.

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